NT - Nové Technologie s.r.o.

Our NDT company produces devices and accessories for wide range of NDT methods.

UT- NDT ultrasonic testing

PT- NDT liquid /dye and fluorescent/ penetrant testing

MT- NDT magnetic particle testing

RT- NDT radiographic testing

VT- NDT visual testing

LT- NDT leakage testing


1 US measuring high temperatures with standard probe.

KK company offers some types of ultrasonic thickness probes which can be used with ultrasonic flaw detector for measuring "hot" pipeline. The DA590 and the HT400(A) can be used intermittently for high temperature over 500 degrees C. If you use suitable STARSONIC you will win cheap and reliable replacement of high temperature probes.

2 Wide offer of PA probes for US NDT.

We offer over 100 types of phased array probes. Linear array probes with changeable wedges, area array probes, roller array probes etc. for frequency /MHz/ 1,5-2-2,25-2,5-3-4-5-7,5-10. The number of elements 8-64.